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so... i'm in scottsdale arizona right now, it's like the high-end part of pheonix... and yeah... i'm really glad that my family went on a trip... we really needed one. there's WAY TOO! much stress in my house right now. my parents found out some crap about me that they would have wished never happened, but whatever. and both of my friends really like eachother and so they might go out and it's causing a lot of difficulties with everyone in the "solvang crew". and i pretty much had a breakdown, like REALLY, a few nights ago (still @ the casa) and i just started crying for no frigging reason, well yeah, there are too many reasons and there's a lot of crap that was just thrown on me (not literally) but we're doing better and my parents and i need to "discuss" our situation when we get back home. it's more like my mom start sobbing and me and my dad ready to just about kill eachother. but oh well, it's been 2 against 1 for the last two weeks and i did pretty well, so i think i can handle whatever they're going to throw at me next... i hope.... ok ciao
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