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ok... so that shit didn't work (VVV) oh well, it was pretty cool... i guess i screwed up *rolls eyes* what's new
so, anyways, today, me, briana and michelle got Brown Jacket Guy's cell # (woot woot) *happiness and dancing retardates*
one of my dad's friends recognized me in the car with a bunch of people when i went over to briana's house during spring break... and so a far fetched lie was told and we were with brittni's cousin who had her friend drive... and it worked, so, so far i'm in the clear. it sucks that this valley is so freaking small *frowns* and filled with magical grass smokers *smirks*
today lauren and carrissa got thrown out of the Taber Posse by none other then Mr.SG himself... of coarse, they don't know that yet. but Mr.SG came over to me and briana and carrissa was like "J****(his name), can you get the paper over there, i missed the trash can!"
and Mr.SG started complaining. "Why can't they just leave me alone?" he turned to me and briana. "Promise me something." He goes ahead. "never, ever, smoke pot, it'll turn you into one of them. Fucking annoying blonde...." i forget the rest
anyways, that and BSG giving us his # just made my day better, except star testing just kinda killed it all... anyways, me and briana were pretty happy the rest of the day
Pissed or Not:
giddy giddy
Beck-Girl>>> ACDC-Hells Bells
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