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so, I'm at my mom's work (she's a teacher for 2nd grd) and bored out of my mind, but i want to make some mulah (cash)(denero)(change)(bucks)(money)(anything else) anyways, i'm just acting like i'm copying crap for her...she's out with her class drawing shit on the pavement...losers...but i'm not doing much else, so yeah, BORING (!!!)
i haven't been on tdos for so long, maybe i'll go on it now, since this computer is slightly faster then the one at home, maybe...hmmm...i'll think about that
anyways, i made another lj...because i was incredibly bored, so check it out, my name is cencl22
yeah, don't ask, its the country in my books, and i made it so i'm just gonna put stiff in it about my books, like summaries of the chapters and crap like that, because i don't give a shit if people copy my ideas like some other paranoid people because it's not like it's gonna get fing published in the first freaking place...
wow...i'm being a real ass today, it must be the weather...its cloudy but not raining (not very righteous)(lol...i really shouldn't be talking so... yeah...hey allie, i took the quiz thing that you have on your lj!

What type of Fae are you?
Pissed or Not:
crappy crappy
hum of the computer
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On April 11th, 2006 01:33 am (UTC), scorned_prize commented:
*hugs* :)
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