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Death is only Life... except backwards

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so... i'm in scottsdale arizona right now, it's like the high-end part of pheonix... and yeah... i'm really glad that my family went on a trip... we really needed one. there's WAY TOO! much stress in my house right now. my parents found out some crap about me that they would have wished never happened, but whatever. and both of my friends really like eachother and so they might go out and it's causing a lot of difficulties with everyone in the "solvang crew". and i pretty much had a breakdown, like REALLY, a few nights ago (still @ the casa) and i just started crying for no frigging reason, well yeah, there are too many reasons and there's a lot of crap that was just thrown on me (not literally) but we're doing better and my parents and i need to "discuss" our situation when we get back home. it's more like my mom start sobbing and me and my dad ready to just about kill eachother. but oh well, it's been 2 against 1 for the last two weeks and i did pretty well, so i think i can handle whatever they're going to throw at me next... i hope.... ok ciao
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scottsdale, arizona
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check it out!!!

my pet!

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ok... so that shit didn't work (VVV) oh well, it was pretty cool... i guess i screwed up *rolls eyes* what's new
so, anyways, today, me, briana and michelle got Brown Jacket Guy's cell # (woot woot) *happiness and dancing retardates*
one of my dad's friends recognized me in the car with a bunch of people when i went over to briana's house during spring break... and so a far fetched lie was told and we were with brittni's cousin who had her friend drive... and it worked, so, so far i'm in the clear. it sucks that this valley is so freaking small *frowns* and filled with magical grass smokers *smirks*
today lauren and carrissa got thrown out of the Taber Posse by none other then Mr.SG himself... of coarse, they don't know that yet. but Mr.SG came over to me and briana and carrissa was like "J****(his name), can you get the paper over there, i missed the trash can!"
and Mr.SG started complaining. "Why can't they just leave me alone?" he turned to me and briana. "Promise me something." He goes ahead. "never, ever, smoke pot, it'll turn you into one of them. Fucking annoying blonde...." i forget the rest
anyways, that and BSG giving us his # just made my day better, except star testing just kinda killed it all... anyways, me and briana were pretty happy the rest of the day
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Briana!!! dude yesterday was so crazy!
omg...it still hasn't hit me that we hung out w/ all of them... that was just pure good luck...thank you brittni for cooperating with us...after we hit you with a water balloon!!! dude, briana, that was so awesome...lol... we were so weird after they left and we went back to your house...lol... guess what... i made a freaking myspace to read all the comments pertaining to that angeline chick and Mr.SG... i'm probably gonna go to the movies tonight...woot woot... anyways...oh man dude, that was SO "CHILL" lol that was annoying...
i still hate you though...
wow... i'm way to happy right now...this is weird... yeah, but yesterday's occurences made up for wednesday's announcement, you ruined my already crappy day...but it's all right now *grin*
movies, tonight, most definatly... k ciao
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crazy crazy
my mom's class
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so, I'm at my mom's work (she's a teacher for 2nd grd) and bored out of my mind, but i want to make some mulah (cash)(denero)(change)(bucks)(money)(anything else) anyways, i'm just acting like i'm copying crap for her...she's out with her class drawing shit on the pavement...losers...but i'm not doing much else, so yeah, BORING (!!!)
i haven't been on tdos for so long, maybe i'll go on it now, since this computer is slightly faster then the one at home, maybe...hmmm...i'll think about that
anyways, i made another lj...because i was incredibly bored, so check it out, my name is cencl22
yeah, don't ask, its the country in my books, and i made it so i'm just gonna put stiff in it about my books, like summaries of the chapters and crap like that, because i don't give a shit if people copy my ideas like some other paranoid people because it's not like it's gonna get fing published in the first freaking place...
wow...i'm being a real ass today, it must be the weather...its cloudy but not raining (not very righteous)(lol...i really shouldn't be talking so... yeah...hey allie, i took the quiz thing that you have on your lj!

What type of Fae are you?
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crappy crappy
hum of the computer
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So... yesterday was sophie's freaking birthday... and she opened her presents... which made me fing late to school... thanks soph, that's all i need, one more tutorial for the parents to love me even more! i give you my thanks *rolls eyes*
so... i really havn't written anything much in my book since i last updated, i've been busy making up crap from when i was absent... skiing *smiles* which makes my teachers love me even more *rolls eyes*
well, i'm finally on spring break... and everyone else has school because the sy valley is so freaking RETARDED (!!!)
michelle is going to S.M. next year cuz the valley is full of freaking magical hay smoking retarates who jacked crap from her locker TWICE (!) this yr. infact, last wk they broke into it and thats fing messed up. she wasn't there the rest of the wk... since monday (that's when they broke into it)... she wanted to get homeschool but so many people are taking that and failing that they're not letting anyone else. briana told me that she was really really pissed, well, so would i if half the school hated me. michelle is bluntly honest and some people are so sensitive that they don't take a freaking joke, retardates. *laughs*
so, we're having a bday partay for the sister... k gtg
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Coheed and Cambria-Ten Speed>>>"- The Writing Writer
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woot woot....after four hours of driving yesterday and two hours today we've finally arrived at tahoe... both families
we're staying in one condo-cabin thing...it has two rooms and a pull out couch...so it's not that crouded... but i bet it will be a few days from now.
amber and her family are in tahoe, staying in their cabin on the south shore(?)...in cal. we're staying in nevada...there's a whole bunch of casinos...lol...figures
tomorrow i plan to wake up early and go to diamond peak early...with me padre...he was reading this and said to put because we're the adventurers in the group...in a way, that is truthful, but soph is too...woot woot!!!
so... me soph ellie and mattie have to stay in one of the rooms, all four of us...that should be an adventure *laughs*
i checked out tdos...there wasn't really and interesting conversations to join... so i skipped out on that *shrugs*
i want to learn how to snowboard sometime... i think it would be fun, but i want to wait till we are somewhere for like a week, then i would have time to get all right, and not have to take lessons everyday *rolls eyes* that would be pretty boring.
mr. smells good, lol, i won't put his name for various reasons, is as gorgeous as ever... lol... i'll write more when everyone isn't swarming, some other time, shall i?
i shall.

k ciao
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7 Minutes in Heaven-Fall Out Boy>>>>
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i got an ipod on saturday!!!! a video one too!
i'm sooooo happy, i finally saved up enough cash... and gave up pon dad's little offer that if i get straight a's then i would get an ipod...ch... that's never gonna happen
7th grd was my last hope *sob* never again...most posative(positive)(?) and i'm downloading music right now...except it takes forever because of the frigin dialup crap
anyways... i downloaded a whole bunch at dad's and i loaded my cds here...so i guess i'll just get a whole bunch during spring break at dad's...i'm probably gonna spend alot of time there anyways... mom and sophie are on springbreak right now...they get 2 wks *glare*! anywho (lol>>astrocamp 6th grd)
woot woot! finally a song downloaded "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" by Panic! At the Disco
it's a very good song...i love the video for "I Write Sins Not Tragities" lol the dude's face is so funny!!!
Mahat Dreams>>> 235 pgs
Evahn Light>>> 161 pgs
and i'm scribbling down ideas for another book woot woot!!!
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hyper hyper
Oh-Dave Matthews Band>>>The Only Difference...-Panic! A.T.D.
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ok...i'm bored again...so even though I wrote yesterday or something...i'm writing

again because the bordom is KILLING ME!!!
ok...today i finished reading the book...Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
wow...that book is SOOOO awesome...one of the only like five books that i ever read...lol...i was bored so yeah...and i have nothing better to do at 3 in the morning

i had a riding lesson today...i rode Piper
we went on a trail ride...not my favorite...but it was okay...she was a freaking saint...(well...saints are out to kill Abbey the Nonbeliever...so i guess not a saint)...but she wasn't her normal pistol self...but we are both mule-headed...so i guess we are fine for eachother
it's pretty cold today!!! more then yesterday...it was pretty nice out
but i love it when it's cold and windy and rainy...but it's only frigid (haha i love that word!!!)
i went on tdos...no one was on...so i got off and edited this thing and took a quiz:::

pretty cool alright...ciao (<<<that be italian)(lol)
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blah blah
snow patrol-run>>>jack johnson-middle man
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