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woot woot....after four hours of driving yesterday and two hours today we've finally arrived at tahoe... both families
we're staying in one condo-cabin thing...it has two rooms and a pull out couch...so it's not that crouded... but i bet it will be a few days from now.
amber and her family are in tahoe, staying in their cabin on the south shore(?)...in cal. we're staying in nevada...there's a whole bunch of casinos...lol...figures
tomorrow i plan to wake up early and go to diamond peak early...with me padre...he was reading this and said to put because we're the adventurers in the group...in a way, that is truthful, but soph is too...woot woot!!!
so... me soph ellie and mattie have to stay in one of the rooms, all four of us...that should be an adventure *laughs*
i checked out tdos...there wasn't really and interesting conversations to join... so i skipped out on that *shrugs*
i want to learn how to snowboard sometime... i think it would be fun, but i want to wait till we are somewhere for like a week, then i would have time to get all right, and not have to take lessons everyday *rolls eyes* that would be pretty boring.
mr. smells good, lol, i won't put his name for various reasons, is as gorgeous as ever... lol... i'll write more when everyone isn't swarming, some other time, shall i?
i shall.

k ciao
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